La Sal Del Rey, Edinburg, Texas

Pre-Historic Salt Lake

La Sal Del Rey is an incredible natural attraction in South Texas. As you can read in one of the photos below, this salt lake has been around since pre-historic times. Even though it is a popular attraction, there are still many people that are not aware that South Texas is home to this interesting salt lake.

The water level on this visit was quite low, maybe a foot high. This level corresponds to amount of rainfall in the area. The upper layer can dry up completely during the hot summer months. You will walk close to a mile from the parking lot to the edge of the water. Enter the location on your favorite navigation map for directions, and don’t forget sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Sharp Salt Crystals

If you plan to walk in or near the water, try to wear water shoes, or shoes you are ready to submerge in the water. The salt crystals are very sharp. You could walk barefooted, but only if you wish to struggle doing so. I noticed some people wearing socks. I can imagine that unless the socks are extra thick, you would still feel the sharpness of the salt crystals.

Any time is a good time to visit with the appropriate attire. However, a visit would be a lot more pleasant if it were made in a cool morning or afternoon. The heat in the middle of the day can feel pretty intense, even with proper sun protection.

Professional and amateur photographers alike enjoy shooting sunrises and sunsets at La Sal del Rey. You can admire some of their work on Instagram under the #lasaldelrey hashtag.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service oversees this salt lake.

You can read more of the history at UTRGV School of Liberal Arts.

Read wild life hunting regulations here.

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