Breakfast Migas with Egg and Bacon

Do you Like to Eat Migas?

I love corn tortillas. I don’t eat them with every meal, but I always have some in the refrigerator.

When I go out of town for an extended length of time, the thought of taking some with me crosses my mind. Especially if I know that these are not going to be easily available.  Such was the case last week, when I traveled out of the country.

No, I did not take tortillas with me and I was perfectly fine without them.

I was eager to eat tortillas when I got back though, and so the first meal I fixed for my husband and I upon our return included Mexican Migas 

In South Texas, migas is a simple but popular breakfast dish. It is prepared with cut up pieces of fried corn tortillas mixed with eggs and other ingredients. 

The word migas in English means crumbs, and it is a traditional dish in different Iberian and North American Countries. (Wikipedia).  

This is how you can prepare Migas.

Migas Recipe (for 2)


        4 small tortillas

        2 bacon slices, chopped

        3 large eggs, in bowl lightly whisked

        One tablespoon olive oil

        1 large pickled jalapeno or homemade salsa recipe (link)

        One green onion, thinly sliced

        Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Use a knife to cut the tortillas into ½ – ¾ inch strips and then cut the strips into ¾ to 1 inch rectangles
  • Heat the olive oil on low to medium heat in medium non-stick sauté pan. Grape seed oil is better if you cook with high heat.
  • Add the tortilla pieces and use a wooden or plastic spatula to toss them around quickly to evenly coat them in the oil. Continue cooking and stir often to prevent them from sticking
  • Cook them in low heat according to the consistency that you prefer; less time if you want the tortillas soft; more time if you want them crispy
  • While the tortillas cook in low heat, use another small pan to cook the bacon in medium heat until crisp
  • When the crispy bacon is ready, use a slotted spoon to scoop it and mix it in with the fried tortillas
  • Add the eggs to the tortillas and bacon and cook in low to medium heat while making sure to evenly cover the tortillas with the eggs.
  • Serve migas and garnish with sliced green onions and pickled jalapeno slices, or top with homemade salsa

Other Tips and Notes

I wanted my migas to be crispy and so I served the salsa on the side. 

You can adjust the egg to tortilla ratio according to your preference.

Other ingredients that could be added to migas include mushrooms, onions, poblano or red bell peppers.  If you do add any vegetables, sautee those separately to prevent the moisture from softening the tortillas too much.

My goal most of the time is to minimize calories if they are not needed, and so cheese is something I rarely add, but once in a while, it can be added to change up the dish. White Mexican cheese in a great choice, but shredded sharp cheddar works well too.

Traditionally, this dish has more fat because people tend to cook the tortillas in the rendered oil. I find that the extra oil is not necessary. With a non-stick pan, the tortillas get coated evenly with the small amount of oil and they can crisp nicely. 

A beans is a side dish that goes well with migas. I did not have any. I served it with fruit and yogurt. Do you ever eat migas this way?

Here are some of the photos I took during the referenced trip above. My husband and I accompanied our daughter on a trip out of the country. She had come home on a break from a study abroad program in Italy. We tagged along on her trip back. On this trip we visited Milan, Bergamo and Verona.