Utah Travel Photos and Travel Tips

Utah travel photos and travel tips. It was very difficult to select a small number of photos for a one page post. Was very pleasantly surprised with the beautiful scenery in every direction.

If you haven’t travelled to Utah, don’t wait to explore opportunities to do so.


-Things to consider: depending on the time of the year, there are bugs in areas close to salt water lakes and you may need mosquito nets to cover your face. Seek advise from park rangers.

-Bison roam in the Park, avoid getting too close to capture photos as these are quite dangerous. Two injured people in the news in U.S. parks during the time of our trip.

-Have a plan for people with fear of heights. Will they stay behind and wait for others? Will someone stay behind with them? Where will they wait? What do they need while they wait?

– The water temperature is cold but it is bearable in hot weather.

-Take plenty of time to study what the attractions are at each of the parks and decide a plan of action ahead of time.

-Proper planning makes for a more pleasant experience and it allows you to maximize your time and to avoid heavy crowds.

-Also pay close attention to the specifics provided about the different hiking trails. Read online reviews to determine if the level of difficulty is what matches your capabilities.

-Renting shoes to walk ‘The Narrows” is an easy process and they provide a long wooden stick to navigate the water through the rocks.

-Local residents advised us against going to this part of the park without the proper water shoes as uncomfortable blisters may develop without them.

-You can avoid getting wet above the thighs in at least half of “The Narrows”, but be prepared as water may be higher in some areas, and it cannot be avoided.

More Tips

All three of these parks have spectacular views and all were amazing experiences.

-Although the parks are probably as beautiful all year long, you must study weather patterns to determine when the best time would be for you to travel. There is such a thing as flash floods in these areas. Don’t totally ignore the weather once you are in the park.

-Bring plenty of water and sunscreen

-Don’t forget your camera.

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