Two Doctor’s and Their Podcasts

Two doctors and their podcasts.

Life Style Podcasts

I discovered two doctor’s and their podcasts recently. I am almost certain that I heard them say that they use their podcasts as an extension of their medical practice.

They invite guests to discuss relevant topics impacting their patients in their daily lives.

I found them to be both very educational and interesting. They both take the approach that life style habits and how to improve them are good topics for them to focus on to help people get healthier.

I discovered the two at the same time. One of the Podcasters was interviewing the other.

The podcast titles are Feel Better Live More and The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast. Both appear to be based out of the United Kingdom, but their guests are not just from the UK.

Feel Better Live More Podcast

Feel Better Live More Podcast is hosted by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. The first episode for this podcast aired on January 2018. This podcast as of this writing has 291 episodes .

These appear to alternate from long interviews and a deep dive into a particular topic, and short 10-20 minute ‘Bitesize’ episodes where Dr. Chatterjee reinforces an inspirational story or a practical tip previously discussed with one of his guests.

He’s authored several books, one which is How to Make Disease Disappear. Dr. Chatterjee indicates that his focus are four pillars of health, which are eat, sleep, move and relax. He can also be found on social media channels, including youtube.

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast is hosted by Rupy Aujla. The first episode for this podcast aired on November 2017. This podcast as of this writing has 157 episodes.

Dr. Aujla indicates that his focus is to “help people live happier and healthier lives using food and lifestyle medicine principles”. I noticed that earlier episodes on this podcast were less than an hour, many between 30-45 minutes.

But then the format kind seems to have switched to longer conversations that last slightly more than an hour. Although some can be 1.5 hours.

Dr. Aujla has authored several cooking/recipe books, one of which is Eat to Beat Illness. He can also be found on social media channels, including youtube.

Podcast App

I listen to to most podcasts on the Apple Podcasts App on my phone.

It took me while to take the time to discover how to start the episodes from the very beginning. I thought about it once in a while, and recently I finally took the time to learn.

If you don’t already know, on Apple Podcasts App, go to the main page of the show, then click the settings button. A list of options appear. You have the option to listen from the first or from the last episode.

Going back to the beginning was definitely something I wanted to do for these to podcasts, as they contain a great deal of valuable information.

This type of information is never too repetitive. It helps to be reminded of how to do things better when it comes to health, nutrition, and life style habits.

The image for this page contains an element obtained from each of the two linked podcasts.

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