Unique McAllen Community Art Project

Unique McAllen Community Art Project. If you have travelled through McAllen, Texas, you may have noticed a few art murals on irrigation pipes on your way to your destination.

These art pieces are part of an intentional strategy by the City of Mcallen and the non-profit organization, Keep McAllen Beautiful.

They identified the opportunity to make these structures more attractive. They enrich the city, but most importantly they highlight the work of talented local artists.

According to Keep McAllen Beautiful website, there are 200 or so structures in the city. Some are kept for historical reasons, and others are part of the city’s active drainage system.

You can see many of these great works of art along main city roads. You can also travel through smaller roads and encounter some of them. It is nice to see a pop of color and fascinating image as you approach the intersection.

The Irrigation Pipe – Public Art Project currently includes 38 murals.

The talented artists and their beautiful art murals are highlighted in the Keep McAllen Beautiful website.

Visit the link to learn about the contributing artists behind each of the beautiful art works and to admire a close up view of the circular murals. You can also learn more about the inspiration behind each of the pieces.

At the time of this writing, there are 38 murals on the site. The non-profit organization is asking for interested artists to submit requests to participate in the project to continue beautifying the city of McAllen. Visit the link above for more details.

An update: Weeks after I first wrote this article, I continue to come across artists who are actively expanding this project during sunny afternoons. The number is now 60.

Explore this site and feel free to submit a comment or a question.