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The Best Seafood Recipe

About this Seafood Recipe

Have you come across a recipe that you decide will be the one you will use forever for that particular dish?

It happened to me over five years ago. I was looking for a recipe for seafood soup, and I found one that I will not ever try to replace.

The soup is so, so delicious. It has great flavors and just the right balance of ingredients. At the same time, it is versatile. You can adjust ingredients to meet your preferences, and the results will still yield a delightful seafood soup.

The recipe calls for quite a few ingredients, but the preparation instructions are well written. I have prepared this recipe many times. It is easy to prepare, not complicated at all. 

Seafood Recipe Link

Here is the linked Seafood Soup Recipe, the best seafood soup ever. 

two bowls of delicious seafood soup

These are a few changes that I made to the recipe. 

I used fennel seed instead of anise seed. Both spices have bold flavor profiles, but fennel seed is less so. I use only 1/2 tsp of fennel and not the 1 1/2 of the replaced spice the recipe indicates.

The recipe also calls for toasted cumin seeds. I have used ground cumin every time.

Most of the time I use fresh tilapia, shrimp, and mussels.

The last change I made was omit the jalapeños. Two of them would be much more heat than some of us would tolerate. Instead I add homemade salsa for just a hint of spiciness.