Don’t Throw Away Overripe Bananas

What Do You Do with Overripe Bananas?

I think about making banana bread every time I have overripe bananas, but a banana milkshake is easier and faster, and that is what I end up making most of the time.

The other day my husband saw overripe bananas on the kitchen counter and didn’t think about it twice. He made a very delicious and moist banana bread. I served it with a side of yogurt with chopped strawberry and pecans.

We didn’t have a favorite recipe for banana bread and so after we finished eating I asked what recipe he had used to make the bread.

He said “I googled it”. He mentioned that the site he chose states as part of the recipe story that the recipe has been very popular for over 10 years.

I looked it up because I was impressed with the taste, and the recipe is pretty simple and straight forward.

I had visitors in that afternoon, and I shared some of the banana bread with them. They really enjoyed it with coffee, and at first thought we were lying when we said it was homemade.

     Click on link for ingredients and instructions: Banana Bread Recipe

The recipe is flexible, as you can use more or less sugar according to your preference. You can also add nuts and or chocolate.

Definitely, it is a worth while effort to try the recipe again and experiment with the amount of sugar. I am of the opinion that an overripe banana already has a good amount of sugar, and that perhaps, less sugar would still turn up a great bread, especially if it will be eaten with a sweet drink or paired with other food items that contain sugar. I may even try it with zero added sugars and see how it turns out.

Loaf of freshly baked banana bread


What Else Can You Do with Overripe Bananas?

It is interesting that some people throw bananas way because they have changed color or consistency.

I used to have an employer who was from Paraguay. One of the things I remembered about him while working on this post is that he used to think that bananas that were not entirely black were not good bananas. He didn’t hesitate to point them out when he had some. They were in fact always totally black.

It is easy to reject food that is not attractive, but learning more about the different ways food can be used, is a good way to decrease food waste.

Meal planning decreases food waste because carefully planned meals help ensure that you only buy the quantities that you anticipate using.

I try to buy only a couple of bananas at a time, and  I still sometimes end up with overripe bananas image of money emoji.

Image of sliced banana bread with a side of yogurt and strawberries


More Ways to Use Overripe Bananas

Hopefully, it is not necessary for you to have to find multiple ways to use overripe bananas often, but just in case, here is a list of 29 other great ways to use overripe bananas.

First on the list is a banana body scrub.  This is great simple product that can be made to use within a day or two. You can use it on a day that you want to relax and it could also serve as a great little surprise for a house guest or for girl sleep overs.

Some of the other surprising uses are teeth whitener, skin care, and shoe polish. You will find the instructions for these also on both links above.

Who knew that banana could help solve more than sweet cravings?

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