Are you contemplating growing a garden in 2023?

Are you contemplating growing a garden in 2023? Here you will find some gardening videos that I hope you find inspiring, if not directly helpful toward your gardening goals.

It is three different talented gardeners sharing their expert knowledge and tips regularly on YouTube.

Growfully with Jenna’s video on Growing Blueberries in Pots particulary inspired me.. Her video is extremely thorough with lots of specifics about what it takes to grow blueberries in a pot. You can buy ready to use soil, or you can prepare your own with the formula that she provides. The soil and climate are not ideal for blueberries where I live, but this video definitely makes me think that I can try growing them anyway.

Gary Pilarchik, The Rusted Garden’s video by Gary Pilarchik on 15 Tips for a successful tomato garden was also inspiring.. The first tip is to stagger the planting of seeds so that you can extend the time that you are able to pick tomatoes. This is a great tip, because otherwise, you have a lot of tomatoes all at once. The rest of the tips are great as well.

Mr. Pilarchik wrote a book titled The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-Sufficiency in Any Size Backyard. This ought to be helpful for anyone wanting to start a home garden.

One last video that I found which might be of interest is this video about How to Choose an LED Grow Light in 2022. This short video contains insightful technical information. It contains helpful tips about how to select and utilize the right LED lights for optimal plant growth.

Sometimes we fail to initiate a new project because we overthink things. With all of the online content, I say, just watch a video and start that project. Figure things out along the way. Invite someone to share the experience with you, or to help keep you accountable.

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