What strange things are you collecting?

What strange things are you collecting? This is the hilarious title of my last Instagram reel. I accompanied the post with video clips of a rather peculiar collection. You can view the images on this page and a short video on the Instagram section following the end of the article.

This Strange Collection: 

I started this strange collection many years ago. For a long time, I thought the opening on the shell resulted from erosion. Perhaps it was the back and forth tumbling of the seashells on the shore . After a while I started paying closer attention. The pattern was too similar to be random. Later on I came across a tubular-shaped shell. This finding came long after my initial effort to collect. It was then that I realized that these things I was attracted to were a ‘cap’ of sorts. I now try to collect only small ones. The complete tubular shell, which you can see on the photo, is not very common at #SPI.

Do you know what grows in them or what they are called?

And, again I ask, do you keep any collections?

I have many, and because I do…

I had an idea a couple of years ago to learn and practice a few skills by creating a super short creative course on #skillshare, the creatives platform, about creating small collections.

I’d completed a few classes and decided I wanted to practice creating one.

First, I generated an outline and some short videos. Then, I parked my creative project for a long while. Just recently, I decided to get back to it. I was determined to finish and publish it as I originally set out to do. I ended up with a short 12-minute class. (Link on next section).

My Skillshare Course About Small Collections

The short course is titled: How to Create Small Collections to Use as Home Decor. In it, I highlight some of my small collections and provide a few tips, being that I have been creating small collections for over 20 years.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is much simpler to navigate than I anticipated.

The minimum time required to publish a class is 10 minutes. I am glad I pushed through the silliness and got great creative skills practice out of it 😆.

About Creativity

I hope my silly collection, the story behind it, and the short Skillshare course inspires you to engage your creativity more intentionally. 

I like the idea that motivated individuals with confidence in their ability to share their creativity can develop courses for others to learn and grow.

It is funny how some people say, “I am just not creative”. Everyone is creative!!! We engage our creativity when we solve problems or navigate new situations. 

The more you engage your creativity, the better you become at these and many other things. 

Employers are more often incorporating the topic of creativity in their hiring process. This because they recognize the value of having employees who can think outside the box. 

About Skillshare

As a learner, you can access thousands of courses “for creatives and curious people” that focus on helping learners develop creative skills. 

Many lucky individuals have access to this platform through their school or employer. If you are one of these lucky ones, I hope you take full advantage, as it provides a lot of value. Creative skills can help enhance what you do both personally and professionally.

It’s easy to become an individual member and learn new skills through the Skillshare platform. The membership provides unlimited access to all the courses so you can learn anything and everything at your own pace.

Some may ask, “Why would I pay to take a course on a paid platform if I can learn it for free elsewhere”? 

Valid point. However, I have the following questions, are you learning and practicing new skills continuously? Are you disciplined enough to stay on track according to a planned learning and practice schedule without distractions on free sites? Are you able to quickly find quality material to learn from? Good for you if you answered yes to these questions. Congratulations, keep learning!

Did I mention that you do not have to become a member to teach courses on Skillshare? It is not a requirement, as the platform offers a free trial period.

I enjoyed creating the short course and was pleased to have exercised my creativity uniquely. I may attempt to create another short class in the future. Subscribe if you wish to receive a notification if and when I do.

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