three small colorful bowls filled with sugar

How Are You Responding to Sugar Cravings?

How are you responding to sugar cravings? More and more there is consensus about the problematic properties of sugar and the effects that it has on our bodies and our behavior toward it. Yet, our struggles persist to one degree or another. 

Below you will find several resources that I think have helpful and digestible information. The authors not only break down the science behind sugar and how it is affecting us, but also provide helpful strategies that can help us better direct our efforts to manage our consumption of it.

A YouTube Channel

Jessie Inchauspé, YouTube Channel @glucosegoddess – she is by far the author that has the most easily comprehensible information about sugar that I have come across. She is a biochemist who overcame her own battle with sugar by conducting in depth research to get to the bottom of how it was impacting her personally. You can find her other social media profiles in the description below any of her videos.

A Book

Jessie Inchauspé also wrote a book where she provides a 4-week guide to improve your relationship with sugar. She is not in the camp of those who tries to get you to drastically reduce your sugar consumption. Instead, she provides actionable steps that can help you ease into a healthier relationship with it. I think she provides a more sustainable approach that can help people overcome the problematic habits relating to sugar.

A Podcast Episode

Another resource that I found very interesting is this podcast episode. It is in depth conversation with the podcast host and an expert in endocrinology. This conversation takes a deep dive into the health implications of sugar. It also provides insight into global efforts by the podcast guest and other leaders from a variety of disciplines to generate a shift in industry practices that are negatively altering lives around the world.

About My Sugar Story

I have my own sugar story. Basically, I consumed too much of it when I was young, and so I took drastic measures a few years ago to eliminate most added sugars from my diet. The thought of the damage to my internal system was the strong motivator for such a decision. 

There was a short lived out of body experience that prompted me to make the shift from one day to the next. I guess a better description would be that I felt a very strong intuitive nudge on that day to take action. It was likely the long-held concern that finally spilled over and created the conditions for me to be able to eliminate most of the added sugars from my diet.

I hope that the above resources are helpful to you. Even though I now consume minimal sugar day to day, these resources help me reinforce and sustain my long term sugar consumption goals.

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